About Germinal Knowledge and the Artisan of Peace

Germinal Knowledge is first and foremost dedicated to human development, whether it be in mediation, conflict management, counselling or psychotherapy.

With forty years of professional experience, we can help you achieve your personal goals, solve your problems, or build good and lasting relationships with others who are important in your life. With the creation of Artisan of Peace, we have gone beyond mere problem solving into the building of peace, both our inner peace and peace between individuals.

David Tudor is a professional mediator, qualified in France, the US and Canada. He is also a counsellor and psychotherapist. He created Germinal Knowledge in 2003 and has been consulting in conflict resolution, negotiation, leadership, and interpersonal communication. In addition to his studies in psychology, he has an MBA and a Masters in German (and enjoys playing with mathematics and statistics, believe it or not).

The original idea of the Artisan of Peace came out of this experience in mediation, coaching and psychology. In the final analysis, we are all doing the same thing, but to a diffferent degree and with different audiences. But why not explore the similarities, and the differences, and be able to choose techniques from each when the situation calls for it?

Too often, we tend to compartmentalise our experiences which forces us to re-invent the wheel and, at worst, to do a poorer job in the re-invention than was done in the original. Thus, for peace-building, the profession of the mediator, we should not hesitate to borrow any strengths from any profession that is concerned with the quality of human interaction and the improvement of it.

This borrowing is seen in the modern development of cognitive psychology and therapy which has borrowed from neuroscience as well as from Buddhism. In Artisan of Peace, you will broaden your view of the human being and you will learn techniques from all of the areas mentioned above (while respecting the limits of professional ethics, of course).

As Woody Allen said "Whatever Works."

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